Virtual Classroom

What is the virtual classroom? The concept of the virtual classroom sprung into life when the creators of StudyMile were tired of having to meet their group project members in far places for a short amount of time. The creators had used other tools such as Skype and Google Hangout before, but they often found themselves using other resources while they were using Skype and Google Hangout. The Virtual Classroom is a place where many individuals can video conference, screen share, desktop share, file share, use the touch screen whiteboard, and save all their work in the virtual classroom straight to their computer. Not only that, but the virtual classroom can also upload files from your computer to share with your friends in the video conference. The Virtual Classroom supports up to fifty languages and can cater to both students and tutors. This is an extremely powerful tool and it is completely free to use for our users who sign up. We have an instructional video to help you understand how to use this simple resource. At StudyMile, we know that in order to invest in our future, we need to invest in education. This is best way that we knew how to do that.


The whiteboard is one of the easiest tools that StudyMile offers. Think of the whiteboard as a small meeting at a coffee shop. Our whiteboard is touchscreen and offers a one on one meeting with a tutor and student or between student and student. The whiteboard is microphone and webcam compatible for an easy study session. The best part about our whiteboard is that the desktop version functions with our app version. You will be able to use our whiteboard on your mobile device while another student is a using the whiteboard on a desktop. The whiteboard allows student to save their work as PNG files for future reference or upload their own files from the computer as well.

Social Learning

Of course, what good would StudyMile be without making new friends? We know that one of the most important aspects of learning is connection and meeting other students. As students we learn the most from each other and StudyMile is no different. We offer a full feature of messaging friends, searching for tutors, adding new or current friends, and a simple profile.

Paying a Tutor

Of course as a tutor it is your right to charge for your services to students. Students only have to upload their credit card and we will take care of the rest. Think of it like Uber or iTunes. When you have completed your study session with a tutor we will charge the transaction. Students can choose from a list of tutors around the world at the rate they would like to pay. Don’t worry, StudyMile keeps all your information private and will not share it with any third party members. If you are tutor who simply wants to help and enjoys doing it for free, great! We encourage that. The tutors then receive the funds via check from StudyMile! We handle all the transactions for you!