General Questions

Yes! is a completely free platform for anyone to use for video conferencing and document sharing. Document sharing comes equipped with a whiteboard ideal for studying and collaborating between individuals.
Any regular medium speed wifi access is enough to start enjoying all the benefits that remote studying has to offer. Meeting up at the library or in a physical location to enjoy group studying is no longer a necessity as the virtual class offered through is an even more flexible alternative.
When you register as a student, you are completely free to use the website with your classmates and study partners for school or other purposes. You can upload a profile picture and create a community of friends that share the common goal of learning. can de facto be turned into a meeting place with a whiteboard and document sharing place, all online, all COMPLETELY FREE. Registering as a tutor allows you to use your skills on a particular subject such as algebra, Spanish, accounting etc. and tutor other people who need assistance at the rate you desire regardless of whether the other person is in the same city or another state. Payment is processed directly on the website making it a seamless transaction and ideal place to get compensated for your knowledge and skills.
Absolutely not. All of your information remains private. Any student who uses our tutoring services have their transactions handled with highest security standards available today.
Each virtual class or studying session is created with a unique password of your choosing. Only people with the name and password of your class can login and attend the session, thus insuring you have a safe and viable environment conferencing session with all involved parties.
No. you are free to hold as many conference calls as you would like.
Yes. StudyMile is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Taking advantage of the tactile displays of tablets is a great way to leverage the whiteboard by using a stylus to display your writing to the common board for everyone to see.
Video calls ( and subsequent virtual class tools) are restricted to desktops until further notice.
No. Joining any conference calls or virtual class requires registering for an account.
No. You are free to make as many conference calls or hold as many study sessions you would like.
No. You must have a tutor profile in order to make money.
Anyone can sign up to be a tutor. You do not need to provide a social security number, however, you must provide a PayPal account email or bank account number in order to receive your funds. There is no application process. We believe anyone can have the ability to become a tutor. Please be advised that StudyMile is not responsible for an individual's taxes that must be reported. See Terms and Conditions for more.
Currently, StudyMile is developing a rating system that will allow students to review tutors they have studied with. This will allow protection for the student and gives them the best tutor available. It is a tutor's responsibility to provide higher standards in order to receive higher ratings.