History and Background

The concept and idea of StudyMile started out in 2012. It was brought up after the creators, who were students themselves, were tired of having to hire expensive tutors just to get through a class that was extremely difficult. The creators were tired of having to commute far distances to meet with groups for projects and spend more money for gas and tutors in an environment that had rising tuition and gas prices.

They were tired of not being able to find the right tutor at the right price. However, as difficult as it may be for a student, a tutor does not have it any easier. It can be difficult to meet up with students who live far. The easiest thing for a tutor to do is to help students at the campus tutoring center. But even then, there is no guarantee students will come during a tutor’s time at the tutoring center. This eventually leads to a tutor having to change their schedule, meeting a student in a disclosed location, or using tools such as Skype or Google Hangout.

You may be asking yourself, well, why not Skype? Why not Google Hangout? As great as these tools are, sometimes a student needs more. These tools lacked certain aspects a student needs to be successful. StudyMile has decided to combine the best of both worlds to give students those necessary tools in a powerful virtual classroom from the comfort of their own home. No more driving long distances to meet tutors or groups for projects, no more tutors who are the best but charge the most, and last but not least, no more wasting money. Sign Up for StudyMile for free today! (Promotional Video) .